Plan-4 (This Project Is Not Available Now)
Registration FeePayment & Features
Rs.4000/- only (Refundable)7 paise per captcha
Unlimited IDs to work. Maximum 10 IDs at a time. Mobile App Available without any extra charges
This is for lifetime, No other chargesNo targets
Register HerePayment processed weekly via NEFT
 Activation within 2 working hours.Free Software Updates & Support.
You decide your own target and time to work.
Now you can pay with Paytm too.

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Is the registration fees refundable?
Yes it is refundable. When your total earning reaches Rs.25000/- or above then the fees is refunded.

How much will I be paid?
Per captcha 7 paise

How will I be paid ?
You will be having 24/7 workload where you can work part time or full time as per your comfort. Payment will be calculated weekly from Saturday to Friday. The amount will be transferred to your bank account every Monday. Minimum payout will be Rs.200/- and maximum could be anything you work and earn. If you are unable to earn Rs.200 in a week then whatever you have earned will be carried forward to next week and when the total amount reaches Rs.200 or more we transfer the amount to your Bank account on Monday.

How much can I earn in a day?
Daily earning totally depends on you, for example if you complete 8000 captchas in a day then the earning will be 8000 x 0.07 = Rs.560

Is there any daily target?
You have to decide your own target and work. We give you 10 IDs at a time to work on the software. If any ID is banned then it is reactivated within 24-48 working hours.

Is there any accuracy level?
No, Incorrect captchas are not calculated and you have to follow the rules to avoid account suspension. (i) Type each captcha before 15 seconds. (ii) Type all captchas in small letters (iii) Type Fast (iv) Avoid working on unstable internet connection speed.

What if my ID is banned or suspended?
Even if your ID is banned you will be paid for the captchas entered in that ID and it gets activated within 24-48 working days and need 3000 captchas in total. If all 10 IDs are banned at the same time then you don’t get paid for the entries done in that week and those IDs cannot be reactivated. New panel of 10 IDs will be activated after one week. We provide four panel of 10 IDs for each registrations.

How to view my Captcha entry report?
We provide you login details, just login and you can see the total captchas entered report.

How to see my earnings?
We will send you the earnings report for each ID’s on or before Monday every week. And You can also login and check the number of captchas entered and calculate accordingly.

How is the captcha flow?
Captcha flow may be sometimes slow and sometimes fast. It totally depends on the server. That is the reason we provide 10 IDs to work at a time. We do not guarantee 100% fast flow of captchas.

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How do we pay to our users?
We directly deposit user’s earning to his/her bank account in INR every Monday via NEFT. Minimum payout is Rs.200/- and maximum could be anything that he/she earns in a week.

What are the requirements to start the work?
User should have a Computer with Windows OS and Internet connection at his/her home or anywhere, so that he/she can start the work right from his/her home.

Can I work from mobile/tablet?
Yes, we provide Mobile App without any extra charges. Android 2.3.3 or later edition is required.

How do I receive my software and ID?
You will be provided with the Software and ID on email with simple steps to configure and use the software after receipt of registration fees and Registration form. If needed, guidance would be provided on phone.

What about Support?
We will provide support only during our Office & Support hours given below on website.

Is there any demo provided showing Catpcha work through software?
You can see the demo video below.

I want to join how to proceed?
Go to any of the nearest Banks below and deposit the registration fees as per the plan selected by cheque or cash or You can transfer through Internet Banking – NEFT on below account or pay with PayUmoney online and then Submit the registration form.

Once we receive the registration fees and form you will receive email from us in within 1-2 working hours with Software download link, 10 Login IDs and Instructions on how to use and work on software with demo video. In case any  help needed then we will help you by taking remote access of your computer.

Bank NameCentral Bank Of IndiaState Bank Of India
Account NameCursor SolutionsCursor Solutions
Account No.346856202562443296898
IFSC CodeCBIN0284590SBHY0021999
Branch AddressBadlapur East, 421503Badlapur East, 421503
Account typeCurrentCurrent

Note: Your account with Cursor Solutions will be terminated if you do not work at all for 1 month. You have to re-register with the fees to continue with us if account terminated.