How to use software on Mobile for Plan-3 & 4

Please read and follow the instructions properly, we give limited support for mobile app.

1. Software Download link – Download from Android Mobile (Supports Android version 2.3.3 and later) 
Admin ID is 87553997

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2. Add accounts on the software
Open Captchatypers APP on your phone. Click “Add account“. Admin ID is 87553997


3. Enter the details of your account. Admin ID is 87553997



You can add more than 1 account.

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4. Click on Start.
When the image come, type the character on the picture, press Enter on the keyboard. Everything in small letters only.


5. Zoom image.


Touch the image, zoom the image from new window, touch back key to close it.


If you don’t know the captcha, enter “?