How to use the software for Plan-2

Please read till end to understand how to use the software and remove the warning in the IDs

1. Download the from below link. Use Internet Explorer to download the software if you get error while downloading in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The link below will be updated with updated date whenever new version is released.
Version: (Updated: 29-Sep-2017)

To download the mobile app and instructions click here

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2.  Watch the video below to understand how to extract the zip file and use the software. Click Here to see the Training Answers

First few 30-35 captchas are for training in every ID, read and enter those captchas. Type in all small letters. Press Esc Key only when you see a captcha like there is no answer to it or blank white image or very difficult captcha on left side. Do not press Esc key for readable captcha. Also don’t take more than 15 seconds to type the captcha. You can uncheck or untick the IDs if you want to pause the work & check or tick the IDs again to start the work. If you get any error in software then please Read troubleshooting guide below.

3. To view your captcha entry details, login with each ID on below link.  Then click on Payment History on left side. Copy Date and Deposits column data in the report format Plan-2 Report format v1.0

Payment will be calculated weekly from Saturday to Friday.
Download ready to use report format below.
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Troubleshooting Guide

  1. If you get below error message then install Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime for x86 from link


2. If you get below error message then install .net framework 4.0 from link 


3. If you see below message then please check that your internet is connected, internet speed is good, Antivirus or Firewall is not blocking the server request from software.


4. If you are getting any other error message then please call us in between the support hours mentioned on our website. Download Ammyy Admin for remote access if required

Note: We support error messages related to our software, any other cases will not handled by us.

How to remove warning in the ID.

If the captchas stop loading for long time or you are getting the same captcha repeatedly then you must have received warning for entering wrong captchas. You have to login to with the ID which is not loading and then click on Start Work & Start button, then you have to click on ‘I got the point‘ button to remove warning. Make sure to make less mistakes while working. Screenshot below


Note: If too many mistakes are done for simple captchas then the ID is banned permanently after moderation, with reason deliberately done mistakes.

Few captcha examples below

CAPTCHA                                                ANSWER                 CAPTCHA                                             ANSWER

captcha examples


Note: Press Esc Key only when you see a captcha like black/white strip or Image Captcha or very difficult captcha or completely blank image on left side of software.

Support: Telephone support will be available only in our office hours and for one month from the date of Registration. After one month you will be given only email support. You have to send us email on with your queries for support and we will reply within 1-2 working days. No phone support will be entertained after one month.