Plan-1 New Software Help

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1. Download the file from the link below.

Copy it on Desktop or any location you prefer.


2. Extract the zip file as shown above. The folder CursorSolutions-P1new will be created.

3. Open the CursorSolutions-P1new folder and click on Qlink.exe file to start the program


4. The program will be started as shown below. Click on Set Account button to Add the ID’s provided by us.


5. The window as shown below will appear. Put Account ID & Password provided by us. Then click on OK Add.  Follow the same steps to add multiple ID’s.


6. To start the work click on Start Work button once. The status will be changed to Loading for ID’s selected. And captchas will start loading in the software. If the captcha flow is slow then add more account ID and work. Make sure each captcha is entered before 15 seconds. Whenever the status for the ID is shown Waiting that means the time for that id is started. Be careful while working on multiple IDs.


7. Once you have done with you work stop the work by clicking on the Stop Work button or by unticking the IDs. And don’t forget to finish the last captchas which were in buffer and load even after stopping the work. The status for all ID’s should be Pause! and then you can close the software.


Below is the Rate Chart


Some Important Points to remember:

1) VERY IMP: PATIENCE AND CONCENTRATION – Leave your mobile, TV, whatsapp, facebook, etc. and concentrate on work for few days. Once your confidence grows then no issues.

2) Minimum 800+ entries needed per ID in a week (7 days) to receive the payment. Week starts on Friday 10:00 AM and ends on Friday 09:00 AM. So the the cycle for 800+ captchas will be from Friday 10:00 AM to Friday 09:00 AM. Start to work on new ID’s anytime or any day after 10 AM on Friday. If you do not complete 800+ entries in a ID before the deadline of Friday 09:00 AM then you do not get paid for those entries in the ID.

3) Leave the ID as soon as you finish 800+ entries to avoid ID ban for mistakes done in future and make your payment safe in that ID. Follow the same trick for all ID’s.

4) Type in ALL CAPS letters. Type blank page for images that are completely blank.  Don’t take more than 15 seconds to type the captcha. You will be warned and account will be suspended for 10 minutes. If repeated the account is banned permanently without pay.

5) You will sometimes see captchas which are completely unreadable but some characters are visible. Don’t waste much time to read them just guess and enter whatever characters you feel it looks like and do not put blank page. Because the more you enter blank page the more are the chances of getting your ID banned. Example below


8) After you complete 800+ captcha and if your ID gets banned for (i) Case-sensitive (ii) Recaptcha (iii) Releases then you receive your payment. But if ID is banned due to (i) Booby-traps (ii) Abuse then you do not get the payment.

9) Sometimes the payment is reflected late on the Server. Be patient, you will receive your payments.

Tricks to Save ID Ban

Most common reason of ID getting banned is for Releases. Releases means either you are taking more than 15 seconds to type a captcha or you are entering blank page for captchas that can be read.
Follow below tricks:
1. Enter blank page only when you see blank image or nothing written. When I work I type blank page only for images that do not display any character that I can type and I always type in ALL CAPS. So you also follow the same trick.
2. Type the captcha in 15 seconds. Do not take more time. There is no trick to avoid this.
3. Do not stop and start work in software every 2 minutes or 5 minutes.
4. If you feel the captchas are loading very slowly then use 2 or more ID’s at a time in software but make sure you enter every captcha in 15 seconds.
5. Incorrect captchas are not a issue (But better you keep the count low) as you can see in below report the highest count for incorrect captcha is 36 but still my ID was not banned and my payment is safe now for 806 correct entries. Now I will not work on the ID cs0005.
6. Do not lose hope, when I started 2 of my ID’s where banned and then followed the above tricks. No banned ID’s till now.
Watch the video in below link.

How to see the report?

Go to the link (Close the pop-up window of qlink client download)

Login with the ID and password given, then click on Details & Stats link. The report will be seen as below. Always see that the number of correct captchas entered for This Week & Overall is 810 or more. Only then you get paid for that ID in the week.

report check2