Qlink Official Software – How to Use

Steps to use Qlink Official Software

Step1: Download the software from below link

Create folder on desktop and unzip the file in that folder by using winzip or winrar.

Step2: Double click the file qlink.exe. Software will start as shown below. (Note: If you get error message “.Net Framework Initialization Error” then download the Framework installation file from below link https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=42642 . Install it and restart the computer.)


Step3: Put Username & Password then click on login button


Step4: Click on Start (enter) button. Captchas will start loading.


Step5: Start typing the captchas as shown in 15 seconds. If you take more than 15 seconds then the software will log out automatically.


Step6: When prompted to enter CASE SENSITIVE captcha as shown below then type small-caps as shown in image. example below a7hXgD


Step7: For Special captchas, right click on the images which as shown for selection and click on Send button.
Click Don’t Know button only if the image is not visible. If you click Don’t know button even when the image is visible then the software will log out automatically.


By default the Special captchas are enabled. You can disable it by clicking the button Special Captchas. Screenshot below


Step8: When finished working click on Stop (ctrl+enter) button to stop and enter the last captcha shown.


Step9: To logout click on Application –> Logout.


Watch the Video demo

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